Cargoship (for a MMO space game)

I’m making a cargoship for a space MMO game called Infinity (, I’ve done a basic design concept model, here it is (around 5k polys):

I didn’t have any real problems making the concept, but now, when I’m gonna model the “real one” (aim 30k polys) I’m having some issues. I don’t really know how to continue from where I am, so I’m looking for some help.

The round things are hardpoints, where weapons are going to be attached, if you were wondering. My main problem is how to continue on the “back” of the ship. Anyway, crits on design very welcome.

And by all means, check out Infinity! Anyone can contribute, models, textures, music, etc., anything. (If you are interested, here’s a link to the Contribution forum, you’ll find lots of stuff there, including a ship design document.)

Here’s some wires too…

it looks very good, but hey, its a cargoship, it doesnt need weapons!

Haha, yeah, well you gotta have something when the space-pirates attack :stuck_out_tongue:

30 000 polys that’s way too much for a game model. If you’re working with a pretty good engine you should aim for 10 000 polys. 30 000 OMG.

It looks very good.

Yeah, it sounds humongous, doesn’t it? You should see the vids, for example this one, where he orbits around a bunch (1k of them, 7200 triangles each) of “light frigates”, the engine is really great…

Here’s the thread:

And by the way, this ship I’m modeling, a so called Medium Hauler, is 300 meters long in game. Sounds big? The biggest class is the Colossus (like a mothership), 10 + kilometers long, and you can easily count with a good few hundred thousands polys for those.

All info is in the design document, if you’re interested.

It must make use of real time LOD to account for that. Even then though, I can’t imagine any game needing that high a count when there’s normal mapping.

Ship looks great so far though. At that high a res it’s going to be difficult to add too it though, unless it’s sub’d?