Caribbean sea

All parts made in Blender 2.72 and render with Cycles 500 samples…

new release:

old release:

This is the AO of the render…

This came out really nice! I’m curious as to what your materials look like for the floor of the ocean, it looks really convincing at this angle.

My only suggestion if you ever revisit the project is to put a little more detail and material work on the boat motor. The pier looks really good.

This is a great model. The water looks fantastic.

I like where you are going with this. I do have a few issues though:

First, I think you should check the material that you are using for the ocean. While I think it’s good, the starfish and the other fish seems rather large for the size of the boat and shark.

The shark, I think, should be down a bit more in the water. You almost never see a sharks back that far out of the water. You would only see the fin, normally.

The pier is fantastic.

I think that you have a great start here and can make it a 5 star with a tiny bit of work.

i think like harleynut97! but is a Little detalis is your compare other details.
Please explain the nodes of wáter!:smiley:

Beautiful !

I’m upgrading some materials and details, next render Will be better…

This is the material node used for the water…

This is really cool!

This is the final render, with new materials and textures…

Compliments awesome work…

really nice materials!~!! :slight_smile:

Excellent work! I hope to learn a few things from your node setup . . . Looks pretty good. One thing you might want to do is not collapse them. We can’t see the settings then :wink: Also, what texture did you use?

U can use the texture of sea that u want, it’s not importante for the result… When i return at home i add the expanded node.

This is the node used…

This is the texture used.

This is going top row just for the water me thinks ^^

simply: STUNNING EFFECT :slight_smile:

I liked the water + the fish :wink:

Very nice, though I like the old dock better.