Caribou uvmap testing

i tried to UV map a caribou with some results
but still need to improbe this may be swith some Normal mapping to gie a more 3D effect

see pic


Does it have red shoes? o_o

ok it’s the red shoes and red nose raindear! LOL


:slight_smile: maybe you could show us a render from a perspective angle?
It looks very low poly. Adding the normal & bump maps are a good plan of action.

…lol. My eyes went straight to the hooves. You obviously haven’t had time to shade these. Nice effect by the way - I myself prefer low polys with the brunt of realism in the textures. All the best with your next stage!

i know i just did the shoe red it was nice and easy to do
and easy to change later on until i can find a good UV map for the big nail
which it not always easy to find on web
lost of low res pic on web but for high res !

but can someone point out how to get some normal map if possible for this type of model

i mean i have a color picture for the skin UV map but then the model is 3D
but not the UV map itself so there might a way to improve the look of it

but how ?

is there any good tut on this subject ?

Thanks guys