Caricature of my father; 12/02/06 Jean Textures UPDATE, Pg. 3

Hey, it’s been a while since I posted anything new on here. Anyway, I got inspired to create an animation of my father, and so I am starting on the head. It’s not meant to look photoreal, because it is going to be a caricature. Mainly I would like c & c on my mesh topology, because I want this to be as animatable as possible. I think I have a good start. Let me know what you think!




AO render:

look comical cant wait to see the textures though also dont forget the ears (just incase you forgot) j/k

Well, progress on this has been slow, but I finally got the ears done. Here’s some screenshots. Also, please let me know any places where the edge loops can be cleaned up. Thanks!

Next up is the hair, and also the rest of the body… :smiley:

And what’s your fathers’ opinion on this project? :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol, looks kool though :slight_smile: The nose is awesome ^^ :stuck_out_tongue:

I love the sort of toony style that you’ve created- good job with the ears, too. No topology problems as far as I can see.

Thanks for the comments!

No, my dad doesn’t know about it yet, I want it to be a surprise! :cool:

The ears were tough, they took about as long to do as the entire head. Anyway, I forgot I also need to model some glasses, and the inside of the mouth. So that’s what I’ll probably do next…

The edge loop clean up you did between your first and second post was right on target. I’d suggest a few more edges between the eye brows and in the forehead, old men have very expressive wrinkles up there. You’ll probably also want to get a loop running over the forehead, in front of the ears and along the jawline, aka the face loop. Assists in animating the jaw, opening and closing the mouth. Good work!

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve incorporated a loop from the brow, along the front of the ear, and down around the jaw.

My progress has been slow because I’m busy with work projects. Anyway, here’s the latest wireframe.

Ambient Occlusion test render:

That’s some good work. I can’t wait to see it finished and animated. It is very impressive. I’m not as experienced with animating anything organic so I can’t offer much help with that, but I do have to say, it is a very clean mesh and you are doing a great job.

That looks so clean!

Is that some kind of bezier loop surface? It doesnt look like subdivisionsurfaced mesh… any clues how to test that feature out?

Hey man,

Good work so far, although there’s several things that I’d critique in the mesh flow and general shape. I’ve done a quick paintover to hopefully demonstrate these let me know if it needs further explanation.

Keep it up!

Thanks for the replies!

A_Roldan: Thanks, I appreciate it. I also took a look at your modeling/animation thread and I’m impressed, it seems like you have a lot of talent.

pıkselı: It is a subsurfed mesh, I just have “Optimal Draw” turned on, and then in the Object button window, I have “Wire” view turned on. So that’s why it looks so smooth.

mr_bomb: Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll see about working those loops into the mesh. What is the difference between your red marks and your blue ones? Just wondering. Thanks!

The red marks indicate edgeflow while the blue simply present suggesting in which to move the vertices.

mr_bomb: Cool, thanks! BTW, your models are great, I really like your video tutorials too! Who taught you how to model?

roofoo - cool, gonna have to try that this second! Is your original mesh all jagged and corners?

Yes, here’s a look at my mesh w/ subsurf modifier turned off:

Lol, it looks really funky without subsurfing… :smiley:

Hey, now that’s an interesting style without the subsurf… Anyone ever seen the cover art on the Wicked book series (Paul Jennings and Morris Gleitzman)? I’m gonna have a play around with that… :slight_smile:

Anyway, with the subsurf on, looks like a mighty nice mesh. Have fun with it, but gon’t go too far… :wink:

Hehe yeah thats the ‘danger’ of subsurf - totally jagged ugly mesh underneath :stuck_out_tongue: The price we pay for smooth organic forms! :o I sometimes wish blender had spline/nrbs tools…

Ok, I reworked the flow of the face loops, and did some tweaking. Here’s the current mesh:

Any more crits? I’m definitely not breaking any speed-modeling records here, lol…

looks great! love clean it looks.