Carla Bruni - nudity + hairdressing tut

I’m working on this model for a contest, the deadline is the 8th January 2007, so I have to finish modeling it as soon as possible in order to start uvmapping, texturing, rigging. I also want to model some clothes and a scene (time permitting) for the final rendering.

The model is inspired by the Italian-French singer Carla Bruni, I used a lot of photo references (she was a top model). I still have a lot of details to add (mainly hands and feet).

I don’t study anatomy therefore every suggestion will be very appreciated.

I’ve also tried to add hair with particles, but I need a more complex setup to achieve good results, and actually I don’t have anything enough good to be shown.

I like the simplicity of the vert layout, very clean should look real good uvmapped.

Not sure if her head is like it, but the back of the head normally sticks out a bit further than that.

It looks like from her neck to the top of the head it is straight.

Also something I can’t quite put my finer on, but the size of her waist compared to her stomach doesn’t look right. Looks like she either needs a smaller waist or a bigger stomach,

simple? So far as I can see he has way too many edge loops all over the place!

No offense mate, but for a quicky that mesh is way too busy.

Cut down to the absolute minimum required loops, make a little detail and add loops or sub-d from there. (mainly around the shoulders and neck)

Other than that you have a very solid mesh.

Well maybe I’m just an idiot but the final result looks pretty good.

looking good… though the upper body seems to be just a bit too far forward, the inner part of the foot seems a bit off and the thumb seems somewhat square… .bet hell, who am I to judge… I won’t even come close to this;)

You seem to have the overall shape done well, but it looks like there are some minor details that want fixing and some proportion issues to deal with. It is really tough to see these in 3/4 view. For better critique, post front and side view wires (orthagonal, edge select mode, solid draw type). Turn wire mode on on the mirrored side, as well.

atm-matt, zog34: I have worked with a “primer” for a while, (the resulting mesh was for the 90% similar to the current one), then I decided to increase the number of edge loops by subdividing the main loops, mostly in the face (some of them spread through the arms or the neck and further). I did it mainly because her cheecks and eyes were too smooth, and her face had an unwanted youthful appearance, I also cosidered that the face needs a more detailed mesh in order to be animated using shape keys. Therefore it would be relatively easy for me to come back to the original mesh by removing edge loops in excess, but how could I keep the existing detail?

Livett: thank you, I’ll change a bit the back of her head, that part is usally hidden in photos.

BleedForMe: yes, the foot requires more work, I will fix it today or tomorrow, but for the body, take a look at this image:

Orinoco: thank you, I agree with you, there are still details to be fixed, I hope that this image could be useful to understand what is wrong.

This is a quick render with yafray. I’ve changed neck, eyes, foot, knees, and other minor things. currently I’m busy with her hand.

I’ve started adding hair:

update. There is still something to fine tune with hair.

The model is nearly finished, I still have to fix knees, and to add eyebrows.

there is something amiss with the eyes

Thank you Jessegp, I’m trying to improve the eyes, still work in progress…

I think that I’ve finished her eyes.

another step: vertex paint and rough AO.

Great Work!
Probably just me but aren’t the arms to thin:confused:

Good work,

the feet seem kinda stubby on the y-axis but other than that…

That’s some really great hair you got there!

she looks a little sunburned - tone down the red a little bit, and the texturing is a little uneven. I would also say stay away from particle eyebrows and texture them in instead (particles look too stubbly). there is also a weird edgeloop under her rt breast so that it’s not flush with her body, and is she still a little cross-eyed? otherwise, really excellent work (esp. the hair). keep it up! :smiley:

I’ve recorded a video tutorial with wink, actually it’s in Italian, but I think that many things are understandable. if more people think that it could be interesting I could translate the text…obviously in my poor english. :slight_smile:

here is it:

basic hairstyling with static particles

and here are some updates:

And last but not least, a very enjoying openGL viewport in shaded mode with vertex paint (pure blender!):