Carmera Trouble

This is a racing game that I made when I was bored one day. The textures need to redone (I didnt cut anything) and some of the normals need to be fixed.

The real reason that I am posting it is that I have been having trouble with the camera. It tends to stretch and warp the car. :confused:

If you can figure out why please tell me.

The .blend file can be downloaded here.

Your camera setup is somewhat confusing but it looks like you are using slow parent. This setting can warp the scene sometimes when turning. There was a script somewhere which fixed this problem but I forgot where.
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I fixed it. The problem was becuase of the parenting, whenever that happens, you need to unperant (alt+p) then you need to select the objects, hist alt r, alt o, alt g, then cntrl a, then put them back to where you want them to be, then hit cntrl a. You can then reperant, and everything should work.

Click here to DL the fixed version.

Thanks, now there ar other thing for me to fix (like how the car goes through the track