Carnegie Mellon unveils intelligent robot at NextFest 2006
Quasi 2,0
Of all the conversations i’ve seen with robots this has gotta be one of the most intelligent of all of them. This isn’t some cheap conversation with some cheap chatbot.

I know the robot may not be brand new but I only found out about it today.

Move over Japan talk bots, move over MIT, because CM has a smart one right here.

HAhaha, Quasi talks like a frickin’ anime character. That’s funny! I want one.

I feel sorry for the midget in the box under the desk. If it was entirely genuine, it’s very impressive. The bit that impressed me most was when he said there are lots of kids here today and he said I know, I talked to most of 'em. I’m sure that had to be a programmed response though. I find it hard to believe that spontaneous humor can come from AI.

Well anything can pop up from a conversation with a robot considering the advances people are making in the robotic communication feild.

Here’s what a quick search for quasi turned up on youtube

In the discovery channel video, Quasi can be controlled by an operator somewhere else, i’m not sure if this still applies to him at NextFest, in the first links they have an overview of how he thinks, an entirely puppeteered robot would not have a system of thinking.

The Engadget link

I guess they (the repliers) are right about the puppet thing and having no real intelligence what-so-ever and yet fooled so many people. The robot being nothing but unintelligent and shouldn’t even be at NextFest to begin with.

Yeah :mad: I was pretty disappointed when I found out it was a fake.

It needs a software like the one I just posted about, a chatbot avatar called George, he learns from human interaction.