Carnerito! big render and wireframe at pag 2!

this is a character that i made some time ago, his name is Carnerito!

its really simple, i hope you like it.

more renders:

the making of and more information about Carnerito at:

C&C are welcome as always! :slight_smile:

Wow, the modelling is really simple, but it works awesome!
Proberbly because of the great renders, how did you do it, did you use yafray?

Great work man :o!

this character looks soooo cool!!! :smiley:

keep up the good work!

peace, Andy

hey thanks a lot!!! :D:D

Timothy_L: thanks man, Carnerito is rendered with the Blender Internal engine, i dont use YafRay, ¡cause i dont know how! heheh

Andieman: Thanks you too.


very nice lighting… character has character too. good work.
then link to making-of doesn’t work. it brought strange site with blinking bars, that’s it :slight_smile: I think it needs registration or something.


Well, maybe you should try to animate it then, he (or she?) looks very suitable for animations, and since it is with the internal, render times can’t take too long :smiley:

Yup, and it’s all in spanish anyway, so if you can’t read that :(…

hey thanks again!!! :smiley:

Basse: the link brought you to, the Spanish Community of Blender, i thought that it’ll be work :frowning: , anyway, isn’t a great making of, is only some more renders and explication about the model, but in spanish, 'cause im from Argentina.

Timothy_L: render takes a long time to be done (im on a AMD Duron 750), so i can’t make an animation :frowning:

thanks to all!

(sorry my bad inglish)

looks like something made in a high end app, Nice! :stuck_out_tongue:

This little dude has a huge amount of character, you know he is just begging to be animated :wink:


I completely agree with M@dcow.
It just looks totaly pro!

vewry good! you made a good job conveying his charecter. the renders also looks very good.

Simple and effective work. I always love that kind of stuff.

Great character and really nice renders.



I love it.

Looks really cool!

Looks awsome. 8) :smiley:

Just woundering what you made the head out of the body legs and arms. :wink:

Thanks if you could tell me im new to blender and I always wanted to make somthing like that.

Awesome work! As has already been said: Simple but effective, and he has so much character, and beautiful renders.

Those horns fit perfectly.


yeah man reallly reallly really coolooooooooool

i love that style !

a so f***** toonish production !!!

Loads of character in that little guy!!
Looks a bit like a bovine T-Rex though…


A very funny character :D. I like it a lot. You need to animate it. Perhaps you should upgrade your computer to do that. :wink: