Carnival 101

This is a game i just started working on. It’s a virtual Carnival simulator! i’m gunna have carnival games you can play, rides you can ride, you can get a job there and get paid. and that sorta thing. So i need some help, I need some people who are willing to take part in this project. i’m going for a semi-realistic game, like, not quite Sims 2 Graphics, but not quite cartoon graphics. just in the middle. So here’s the list of teams i need more people in.

Character Design Team
Python Scripting Team

And for now that’s all i need more people in! you can join more than one team. your help will be greatly appriciated and your name will be included on the credits.

Here’s the main area it’s not done but it’s just to feel the looks.

Here’s the main area with Materials.

O_o I really dont know what to say…

How about aiming for something a little smaller. Besides, I think you can pick up Roller Coaster Tycoon for about 10 bucks these days. May be better then puting 10,000+ hours trying to make this work(and it wont) Looks like your skill level is pretty low right now. I dont see much here besides two models and a big idea.

Perhaps try and make a ride and animate it first. I promise by the time you get that modeled and textured and animated. You will have changed your mind, and asked your mom for 10 bucks.

so u think i should just give up my idea?

EDIT:: BTw my skill lvl is actually high :wink: i just made those rough models in like 2 minutes, lolz. i’ve been using blender for 2 years.

But how well do you know the GE? It’s a lot trickier to work with.

Hmm, it does seem your aiming a little high, this is possible tho but hard to pull off if your a rookie to blender.

But good luck mate.

OT: Iv been using blender for about 3-4 years :smiley:

ok i’ve decided to put this project on hold cause my current blender team baaled out on me :’( so i’m gunna start other game projects

blender Game Engine? i know the ge freally well :smiley: that’s all i use blender for. but i’m not good at python

For this type of game you need python…Alot of python.

I know that’s why i put it on hold until i learn python better.

Heh, for someone who claims to be experienced, you sure act like a fresh green rookie.

Don’t try to make a “team”, and don’t try to make a game until you understand blender and python. You cannot expect to state your idea, and have people just line up to help you.

Interesting analogy, never heard of that one before.

Its not so much that he is a rookie, because I have seen new people come here and do great things, even awesome things. Its the fact that he has nothing to show for his “2 years experience” I know how exciting finding blender can be for some people, you feel like you just found the most awesome tool in the world for free. Alot of that joy is premature I think. Reality sets in and you realize blender although powerful is a bit limited. We dont tell you these things to discourage or stop you, but to teach you. I see people stating that they have used blender for 2 or 3 years, try 8 years. I can tell you from experience, start small. If your work is good enough, you wount have to ask people to help you, people will ask YOU to join.

By all means, please try, failing at something will bring more knowledge than never trying at all.

interesting… the way you put that ;). Also this is a game that one of my friends requested for pay. so whoever woulda helped me woulda got money too. but this project is on hold so i may resume in a bit.

I’ve been using blender for close to 5 years, and have been concentrating on the game engine for 3-4. With blenders current logic bricks, this type of game would be quite possible, but would require a ton of work (at least a year if you made good progress every day).
For example, making a rollercoaster would invovle some ipo’s on every cart on the rollercoaster, and positioning each one perfectly to stay on the tracks (unless there is some way that python can help you, I haven’t played around with python much yet). Then to ride it, you could simply change your camera to another camera parented to the rollercoaster carts.
Ferris wheels, would be more simple, since they would only need to be rotating.
Then there would be all the people walking around…this would defintitly bring down your frames per second.

I’m not telling you to give up on it, but it is a huge undertaking to get it done, and the game engine may not even be capable of running it.

i already said it’s on hold. So yea… I was also going to use some 3rd party programs.

god why do u ppl got to be so negative lol, i make games i know damn well ( excuse my language lol) that i cant even make on my own but that doesnt stop me. i make what i can then stop then go to something else. i say do as much as u can on your own. there is ppl here in these forums that would help. just be postive! peace.

Gangstagaret left the site already as ive heard

no… i’m back. All b.c of Anicator! And i’m going on with this game. Nothing u can say or do will stop me from making this game :wink: i’m going to do as much as i can.

You don’t want to give up?

Ok here is some help. It might be usefull for a game idea of this size:
and this:
There might be other interessting and usefull things on this page. But keep in mind game design is a hobby.

I cannot believe the hostility of this reply! I suppose next you’ll go tell p00f to quit Br!x and go buy Breakout, or tell saluk to go buy World of Warcraft and give up Crescent Dawn! This is not the way to respond to someone! The game this person is proposing is not even the same as Roller Coaster Tycoon. He is coming here for support, not to be told that he should quit trying! You should be ashamed of yourself.