Carnival Glass...

This is one of my attempts to produce a good carnival glass that I am fairly happy with, modeled in Blender and rendered in Luxrender using bidirectional and metropolis, I am modulating the IOR of a glass mix, so its 50% IOR of Quartz and 50% modulated IOR, the “floor” is done by modulating the thickness of a thin film coating on a mirror and adding a very slight bump map:

Simple…but a great piece to just stare at forever. I can’t think of anything to add. Great job.

Astounding render.

That render looks great! Good job. Any chance you’ll release the document?

Thank you for looking :slight_smile:

Any chance you’ll release the document?
I am not sure what you mean by the document? If you mean the image yes of course, anything I post here its my intent to release, all my stuff is creative commons so please feel free to use the image :slight_smile: its up on my site also:

the light map is Grace Cathedral from here:

If you want the blend file for the model I can also link that, its about 108K verts extruded from a disk at the base.

I am new at blender artists and still figuring out how to submit these images, its just a bit to large for uploading.

Best Regards :slight_smile: