Carol of the Bells with Bobtail an animated Deer

I recently got a job with a company that does video productions. I had 3d experience but only with objects and modeling exotic supercars. So anywho this is my first attempt at Animation. I had a lot of time between now and when I started ( 4 months ago) to learn tutorials. So big thanks goes out to BlenderGuru and CGcookie and all the other great people who put tutorials on the web.

The animation features Bobtail, the Christmas time mascot for Video Ideas where I work. It gets a bit repetitive I know but we learn as we go. I hope you guys like. BTW Bobtail was originally created some years back in Lightwave 7, however I changed a lot of things on him (you can see older shots of him on the “chasebook page”

Software :
Blender 2.58
Final Cut

House and trees are models from turbosquid (I didnt have time to make them in such a short time frame)

To view go to and click watch video on the first entry at the top of the page ( btw no I’m not trying to get hits or anything I dont have a direct link to video to post on the forum sorry.)