carousel horse modeling

Model I am working on.
Would appreciate feedback on the mane. Is it reasonable to sculpt the entire thing. Or would most artists just do a bump map?
Am I getting too many faces?
Any other feedback welcome.
thanks all

Sculpting is totally up to you. I woud get a good flow using the mesh and then add tiny detail with a bump map.
The number of faces matter when they are close together (causes pinches), causes your computer to slow down, or creates excessive render times. I don’t see any pinches. The other considerations are up to you.

If you haven’t already changed the shading to smooth, plz do that

Thanks for the advice…being a tad obsessive compulsive I was leaning toward the sculpting the mane. But was worried about the excessive render time.
So thanks for mentioning the pinches…Not sure there how close is close as I do have some that looked close to me.
I have it on smooth & added a subsurf modifier. But so far have focused on sculpting and not gone into the finishing stages yet. will make it smoother for the final render.