Carpet creation process + .blend

With new particle system coming, this will not be relevant for long.

I’m an amateur and in no position to write tutorials, but I was asked how the carpet in my interior render was done a few times and decided to describe the whole process.
If you see that I’m doing something wrong/inefficient, please let me know.

Don’t want to read? Here’s blend file :wink:

Add a plane. In Edit Mode scale it to desired dimensions. Optionally, add Subdivision and Displace modifiers to make it look less flat (this will be almost unnoticeable in the final result).

Tip: After Displace modifier carpet appears floating above the floor. To fix this, make the vertex group for the carpet’s border, assign 0,5-1 value to its weight. In Displace modifier set this vertex group inverted.

Add particle system. Tweak settings to your liking.

The carpet’s already looking good. Let’s do some grooming to make fur appear even more random.
Warning! After this step you won’t be able to change particles Emission and Velocity settings.

Go to Particle Edit, set desired Path Steps. Go to Orthographic view. Disable Displace modifier.
Select random hair, hide it (H), comb a bit, unhide (Alt+H), rotate in Ortographic (4/6 + 5 on Numpad). Repeat - select random (change percent and seed, if you want), hide, comb, unhide, rotate… Until you get satisfied with the result :slight_smile:
Tip: Add Select random to Quick Favorites (by right clicking on menu, then you can access this command with Q).

If hair looks stiff at roots - uncheck Deflect Emitter or lower Distance value.

It’s time to add material to carpet.
I’m pretty bad in creating materials - combing shaders and changing properties, until it looks good… This is definitely not how it should be done.

Tip: If you have a part of carpet under the furniture, you’ll save in memory by hiding unseen particles. Add a Vertex group for that part, add Mask modifier, place it above the Particles, reduce particles children amount.

Loose part of the carpet.
If you have Displace modifier on the main carpet, duplicate the whole carpet, apply modifiers(delete Particles), in Edit Mode delete all vetices except the border. This will guarantee the two parts will match.

Extrude the border down a little(E + Z + -0.001).
Add Particle system. If your particles face wrond direction, select all verticies and flip normals. Tweak settings to your liking :wink:

And again it looks a bit uniform. Groom it in Particle Edit - Comb, Length, Add.

I’m grooming in Top Orthographic view.
To manipulate individual hair choose Point Selection Mode, hover over hair, click L to select the whole strand. Only selected hair will be affected by brushes.
Second side can be done the same way, for Particle system select already created one. All that is left is to groom it too :slight_smile:
OR you can just Alt+D the previously created side and move it where it should be.

The whole process is not as long as it may seem. :sweat_smile:

I’ll be pleased to know if someone finds this useful.


Thank you so much for this! People will now have no excuse for making average-looking rugs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is great! Thank you.

Thanks so much for the walkthrough! I learned a bunch. The carpet is beautiful too.

Really great, I wish there was a way to make loops.