Carpet texture and suede texture

Hi people. I’m new here, and somewhat new to Blender. I want to make a custom room and I have never built something custom before. I need some materials, and does anybody know how to and have a carpet texture for the floor, and a suede texture for my couch I am making?

I’m not sure about the carpet, but for the suede I suggest using the minnaert diffuse shader with a low-ish dark value, in combination with a very low Phong specular. Then a real subtle normal texture to make it a little more uneven.

there are many mat available at blender mat repostitory
where you can find al kind of clothes mat including carpet ect…

good luck

Umm… okay. But, how do I do that? I’m still new to Blender, so sorry if I don’t get this right away. Also @ RickyBlender, where is Blender mat repository?

Edit: Wait, I think I found it. Thanks for the heads up Ricky! But, how do I transfer the materials to my render I am doing?

you’ll find so many type of mat for cloth here

it should be good for your model

you can append the object from the mat file downloaded from the repository

the go to F5
you’ll see close to the amterial tab 2 arrow

one if for loading up to the internal buffer the selected material
then go to the object you want this material and press the second arrow this will transfert it from buffer to the material in selected object

hope it helps

happy blendering

ok thank you! I got all the textures I need, but I don’t get how to append. Do you have to open two scenes at once? Or can you save it in a folder somewhere? How do I get it from the material into the scene I am doing?

to append just select the Fle menu at top header on the left
the select append

and pick the file from which you need the object

then selet object and pick the objects to append and ok

this should bring the object into your file or append theses

check out

hope it helps


Oh now that’s cool! Thank you so much! Also, thanks for all your patience as well! I will post my room hopefully in a couple of weeks to show the result. Thanks again! :slight_smile: