Carpet unroll problem

I want to simulate carpet unroll but something always gone wrong with the parent mesh. Here you can see the problem (Including *.blend )


When I click above link to see your blend file it gives
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This is my 1st Step, If you want I can create the Animation and Boning as you are showing.


Sorry but this free services:mad:…
Here is the blend:

Did you like my previous post sample of Bone Rotation thrugh Python? See that video link also.

That’s nice, but it is not realistic. After unroll bones most be stationary on the floor. But the bigest problem is with the parent mesh (here in 2D space for simplicity) . This mesh doesn’t follow the armature deform.

I would use a curve guide for this. Make the carpet flat, then make a curve which is rolled up like the carpet but with a little tail that is flat on the ground. Add a curve modifier then drag the curve through the carpet and it should unroll.

Edit: On second thoughts that won’t work, the carpet won’t get smaller as it unrolls.

Ha, ha. This is my second idea. Curve guide, scalable cylinder (Z, X axis) and rotated round disc on the side of cylinder with spiral texture. But it is not enough realistic.

And this is my third idea. Carpet with the curve modifier with hooks. But this is too complicate.


Idea No.4 :). Unroll along the stair-case. Trick with curve modifier for unrolled part and curve follow for the roll (cylinder). But it is so dificult to sync this move.


I have got some great Idea with Python. I am working on it.

OK, if you wish make perfect script note this too:

And armature generated with 2D spiral of course:eyebrowlift2:


Does the Hoist .blend help ? Maybe using a subdivided plane instead of the rope ?

About 14 entries down the page:-
hoist .blend

There is also a winch tutorial which may help:-

Do you still need help, I have seen your blend file, Its working fine. I think your problem is now sloved?

With 7 bones it work good but with 40 bones the parent mesh make chaotic move. This is the problem. You can make good animation for armature but for the mesh…:frowning:

Do you have enough vertices in the mesh? Did you double check your assigned vertices?

I’ve located the problem with armature unroll. If you make armature with more than 360 degrees in a round then it’s appear this problem with chaotic move of the mesh. Here you can see: