Carpul tunnel relief...

Okay, here is a fun little thing to try. Take both of your hands and interlace your fingers as if you might be praying.Now hold them tight. The next step is to try and pull them apart. Do you know what? You can not! You have to relax both of your hands to let go. Now I have tried this many times and have found it to be true. Silly people tricks eh? Try it! Perhaps a trick the of martial arts?

And how does this relate to CTS?

Well, I have gone through four surgeries on my wrists. During that time I learned a few things. Just thought that I might share, nothing more… .

Oh. Sorry. He!

You know…I think I’ve noticed that. It has something to do with the fingers not allowing the other hand to move in the opposite direction. You are ultimately grabbing your other hand.