Carrier - CGBoost challenge

So i discovered the CGboost challenge a bit late, i missed like 15 days and unfortunately Space carrier is my favorite subject. “୧༼ಠ益ಠ༽୨” - me after finding out i’ve been missing it. So now i’ll try to get the project working and do as much as i can in 6 remaining days.

However if i fail to deliver on time, this carrier will still be developed for my yacht scene in the future, there are sweetness in the bitter taste after all.

So my idea are vertical ship, i did a rough blockout to test form and shape, i plan to use the discombobulator and go mad with boxcutter and hardops in order to boost my workflow. This will be the oportunity to develop my skill in usage of the discombobulator.

Also the yacht has to be halted :frowning: … for a while tho

Also have a shuttle that i use for scale

This is what a discombobulator can achieve

This scene only have 6 objects in total that were scattered among the surfaces, so i’ll have to reuse a lot of asset i’ve create in past time.

Keeping my finger crossed

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2nd stage block out, trynna get some block that would define the scale of the ship and provide a good surface for detailing

Progressing on the detail…

More detailing progress & testing lights

There’s my yacht right here that i use to define the scale of the carrier

Damn i don’t think i can do this in time

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Testing the scene, looks quite nice so now imma go full crazy with the detail that are visible to this camera angle now


Looking great!

HDRI is from where?


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Finishing up the cannon, damn it’s almost the deadline but the top isn’t even done !!

it’s actually a procedural nebula ! I forgot where it was originally but you can look it up on google.

only 2 days left

Bustlin’ and laggin, adding 2 smaller hangars with color coding, Green for civillian, Red for Carrier’s Enforcement , Orange is for Sector Navy’s ship ( The fictional military for this ship )

Overall look of the ship & detail count

Only have the upper part in this pic detailed then good to go

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It’s finally done !