Cars for My Game

I am working on 3 projects right now. Currently, the main one is a racing game. I will just post a bunch of screenshots of cars for the game in this thread.

For each car, the body and rims have textures that are reflection-mapped to the car, so it has a cool shiny effect. Keep in mind that these are simple versions of the cars and they are screenshots are from the GE, not renders.

Here is the first car I modeled. The Ferrari F40. 1192 polys.

EDIT: I’m not done with it yet. I still need to model the headlights and mirrors


Looks pretty good, though where are the doors? Needs a little more detail work.

i want to make a texture for the doors and hood and everything, but i don’t think there is a way that i could have that texture and have a reftlection texture at the same time. and i can’t use GLSL for anything

Needs textures for the wheels.

it already does. they just need to be brighter

I think that it’s great!

right now i’m making a Lamborghini Diablo (EXTREMELY HARD TO MODEL)

i also need major work on my vehicle script. i need to set up rather complicated sets of properties for a realistic gear setup

Is it from a photo or painted?

I paint all of the textures in my games. Most of them are decent, but they’re not that great.

My current progress on the Diablo. 486 poly so far. Modeling this thing is a real pain in the @$$


Looks great! Keep it up!

Some more progress on the Diablo. Currently 532 poly, but most of the polys will come from the wheels.

I lowered the poly count on the F40 to 1032, and it looks almost as good


wtf? why did this thread get moved to Support And Discussion? This should be in WIPs where I put it. I mean this is a WIP right? lol

you post bunches :smiley:

Looks pretty nice. I don’t understand why a complicated property set up is necesary, but w/e :smiley:

They look a little cartoony. Hope this is what your going for, because it’s hard to make cars other wise really :smiley:

well, I don’t want to go for the “realistic” look (too hard to do that with cars)
and i don’t want a “cartoony” look
i guess i’m kinda going for something in between, but i want the levels to be somewhat realistic