Cars in AutoCAD

Can anyone tell me to make a 3d car in autoCAD…
i have learned the basics in AutoCAD 3d but dont know how i should get started

Ugggg autocad is not good for making things in, (except technical 3d models)

i use a 3d package called cobalt for my CAD work, its more intuitive to use, and doesn’t require the autocad numerical input for much of the stuff.

you would use splines for more modern cars, but you could use primitives and just truncate them bevel them and champfer them to achieve a car shape you require.


thanks alot alltaken …
i have been intimidated by the snapping tools in autocad therfore i didnt start on the car yet :frowning:
How do you skin multiple splines to make a 3d figure? (similar to Blender Surfaces)

My dad is incredible with autocad, as he has been a civil engineer for the past 20 years. Let me tell you though, AutoCad is not the program you want to be doing your modeling in. After leaning a bit of it myself, I wouldn’t even consider it. Experiment with all sorts of different 3d packages, free and not free. Some will suit you, others will not. I am leaning XSI, and I like it quite a bit. (I can’t figure out why some people hate it so much) There are so many good aplications out there that you just need to experiment, or if you have nothing better to do, learn them all :slight_smile: Good luck on your car modeling.

(by the way i am kramer3d)
Thanks for the lecture on modeling apps but I know what to and what not to use for modeling…
this is a school project for my basic enginnering drawing class. My teacher gave us a break after copying trecherous drawings from a book. Our break is to model any real life object in autocad that has 3 dimensions to it :-?
i decide to do a car for fun :stuck_out_tongue: