Car's wheel rigging in all axis?


I made a simple setup for a car but I have some problems on doing the automatic rotation of the wheels.
I’ve tried 2 ways: with a transformation constrain where I mapped the location of my global bone controller to the rotation of the wheel’s bone. I tried also with drivers and in both cases, it’s working on the axis I set it up but when I rotate my car of 90 degrees, it doesn’t work with the other axis, it still using the word space even thought I set the constrains to local space.

How to do that?

Thank you!

It’s working with two different objects but not with two different bones of a single armature. How can I do to control another bone (in local translation) in the pose mode?

In the transform constraint you will want to use local axis for both the wheel and car. That way, as long as the car is going along its horizontal forward axis, the wheels would still spin in their local rotation direction.

I did use the local axis but it keeps using the world axis in the pose mode. It is working with two objects but not with the bones, I don’t understand why.

Instead of using an armature, I would parent an empty to the end of the frame, then parent the axle or steering-gear to the empty. Constrain the empty so that it can only rotate along one of its axes, and point that axis (say) straight down. Animate movement of the wheels by rotating the empty.

The movement of the wheels in response to this “steering wheel” motion might be an armature.