This is my car experiment. :slight_smile:

Cars model are here

oooooooooo really nice dude :D, love it. keep on blending

great looking modeling and good mood.

Could you post a version with sepia toning to add on the old photo looks?

Good modeling and lighting, the greyscale is also neat as it gives a vintage feel to it.

pretty cool like the cars. :smiley: what are those things driving them?

lol :slight_smile:

This is good question. In beginning nobody, but I was criticised, because this car was empty(without driver). I would’nt make human, because this is very hard for me, than make 2 small mouses.

my rule :slight_smile:
2 mouses better than 2 empty driver places :smiley:

nice modelling with the cars

Image is too sharp, and some things are too shiny. But other than that, I realy like it!