As always I had curiosity for modeling a car and that idea came I hope tan that work that you/they cost me 4 days, besides also to study Inkscape, where I made every texture.
I wait for critics and suggestions.

Very neat car :slight_smile:
Just one minor comment, if you want to, you can go “hardcore” and make everything within Blender, including the 2D textures.

Nice effort.

Things to look out for though is the lattice effect on the tyres when they bulge out at the bottom when in contact with the floor and the black line around the brow and think on the tires it says lightyear rather than fireyear.

Other than that not to bad imo i cant really be to critical because unfortunatly i can’t model cars, tryed and failed maybe try again someday.


I am very impressed with this. I wouldn’t say it’s perfect but, if you look at it, you’d be hard pressed to find anything much wrong with it. Superb stuff.

Very nice, no crits from me. I almost mistaked it for the real thing… I was thinking “What a poser!”. But of course you aren’t.

Hope to see more soon! An animation would be awesome = )

Great work. I can’t really find anything wrong with it except the tire texture seems to be a bit off. The lettering is too bold and too large to me. Maybe if it was smaller and dark gray i would not find it distracting. Otherwise fantastic! It would be nice to see some more dramatic smile maybe.

sorry but I cant see the images :confused:

haha, wonderfull! Show this to someone who isn’t into 3d modeling, and he’ll say: lol, you didnt make that. Thats from that move, cars.
And then you show car in blender, and he’ll say: you downloaded that from pixar’s site. cheater.

Great job:D

do you have some ad blocking on?
or “don’t show images that are not on the same site” type of thing?

Great stuff. Almost there.

Some of the textures look a little low res for the render though.


wow realy cool!!

It’s a really good job. You’ve nailed most of the style. Just a few things:

  • Car’s a little narrow.
  • The eyelid shades need to be closer to the eyes – they sit too far off, I feel.
  • He’s not smiling, he’s grimacing. He needs the dimpling at the corners of the mouth, with the mouth itself being more of a V shape (or a triangle pointing down).

Overall, though, your texture work is great. I actually have a pic of the main char from Cars on my desk, and comparing the two, I can safely say your Inkscape skills, as well as your blender skills, are well-developed.

Oh, a suggestion: in a lot of the shots in the movie there are multiple lights – raceway lights, or camera flashes – reflecting in his body. Might be cool to see a few on your model too.

Great stuff, but I think you should improve the textures, and perhaps also make his eyes a bit more extreme, give them more character.

Very good, I like it a lot, thanks for the heads up on inkscape,
looks very useful, something else to learn :confused:


Very nice!!! I like it a lot.

two small critics: (don’t pay too mush attention at them :smiley: )
-the ‘face’ is not very realistic. His eyes (iris+pupil) are just staring; the eyelids are a bit too high. His mouth is also a bit strange.

-i think (correct me if i’m wrong) that the front of your car is too straight; it would be better if you rounded it a bit.

But again: very good work! (you work at pixar? :wink: )

I guess I checked that, but it must be my offcie proxy

galley, thank you for every incentive and for the clues of modifications, they are all written down, soon I will bring more updated images.
AH! Gallardo, I don’t work in Pixar, unhappily. hahah!

Pretty good job on the texturing. But something is not quite right with the reflectivity of the car.


wooooow - come on you just took an image from Just kidding, that´s fantastic!!! I just think that the eyes look somehow tired. OK he drove the last 4 days… :wink:

thank you, I am studying the reflection, still.

until criticizing you get to be comic, that is grandiose.