Cartier-Roberval 1541 colony in Québec, Canada


nice set up

where did you get the references for this scene

is it made up or from historical references ?

would be nice to add a map locating this place

nice work

done in cycles or EEVEE ?

happy cl

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Really nice scene and the sky is beautiful!

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Thanks mate. Yep, based on a survey made in 2008 at Cap Rouge near Québec. Still a lot to do on the scene with the fort on top of the hill.

I was thinking making a map like this one in blender
top right

keep up the good work

how much experience do you have in CG ?

may be showing a portion of the St-Laurent too

I’m in MTL so I 'v seen the place a few time long time ago
but other people might not know at all where the heck it is LOL

happy bl

Interesting, plz keep me posted with your project on Cap Rouge.
I work with Cycles part time since 2015.
Stay tuned, got to post some update here next month !

sorry did not mean I was doing the map I was suggesting you make one for this Cap rouge site
mind you there is a link to it now
but should be easy to do in blender !

I will follow this interesting thread on old Quebec

i’m very busy working on big industrial project
and I did a big thread on WWII things for fun

happy bl

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Small update with some buildings on top of the hill.

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