Cartoon air bubble in a tube

hi guys,

I’m still working on the adv from oreo that I have to copy.
This time I have a problem with lattice modifier. I have to do this animation of the air bobble the flow trough the tube ( and I’m trying to use lattice modifier that follow the tube to pump it up. The problem is that it affect the entire mesh and not only the part where it is. Is there something wrong with my set up? Is there a way to let the lattice affect only part of the mesh?

pompetta.blend (734.0 KB)

is there no one who can help? I tried everything I know and searched on internet but I don’t know how to solve this problem

There are dependency cycles for both tubes on layer 1 and 11. You could make a duplicate of the curve that the control object follows to get rid of the dependency cycle.

But looks like that doesn’t cause the problem. The lattice doesn’t seem to keep the influence inside the lattice.

You could use cast modifier instead.
pompetta_ja12.blend (141.9 KB)

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thank you very much for your suggestion it’s first time I’m animating and I’m sure I’m making a loooot of mistakes. I didn’t know this modifier :smile: