cartoon & anime question

I found an old thread that had a script for better cartoon edges but the link was broke. Does anyone know were I can find a script for cartoon edges that work better? such as scale with the object and have different wieght for inside and outside edges, stuff like that. I also found a link for a tutorial on doing anime in blender called Aner Ottolenghi’s Anime Tutorial but that link is also dead. Does anyone have this information or know were to find it?


This is the only thing google can come up with… Anime tutorial for Bleder 2.3x::by @ner:: (cached link here), link works fine here. Although no talk of any script edges/line script.

Could you post a link to the thread your talking about? :wink:

The script was linked by flippyneck and used for several pictures by ronin here
It did not sound like it was a finished or polished script but I would still like to try it or a more recent version of something like it, if anyone out there is working on that type of thing recently.

The tutorial I found called “toon effects” is the one that has a broken link for Aner Ottolenghi’s Anime Tutorial and it sounds like a good read but unfortunatly it seems to no longer be available unless someone has a pdf.

If you want to see exactly what I am doing so far this is an example I am very happy with it exept for the edges because they don’t get thinner as I zoom out. Feel free to comment or critique my work on the youtube page, or here if it is ok to do that in this section of the forum.


For Blender’s internal post pro toonedges, the only way I’ve had control over them is rendering at a larger resolution an then shirking down the still or video,it will become thinner lines the higher you go up.

Aner tut is still good, because it talks about lighting and shading,but the toonedge in the render section is outdated.I’ve been able to pull a Mike Mignola style w/Hellboy through modeling for the shaders.

All due respect,if your going for a cartoon or anime look,you can still pull it off without the edgetoon.

I think the python code your talking about is S2flender,its a Image base program and is getting upadated soon.


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