Cartoon Bear

(Atariman) #1

Tell me what you think about my Bear WIP. Tips and advice are welcome.

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(rogerm3d) #2

Looking nice from those views.
Be nice if you would post a 3/4 view.
Is it animateable?

(Atariman) #3

Yes, the bear will be animateable when I’m done. (Update)

(Atariman) #4

I gave the bear a shirt now; he was kind of shy about being naked in front of you all. I also have a 0, 45 and 90 degree shot of the bear now. Enjoy and tell me what you think.

[Cut and Paste Link] (Updated 8/12/02)

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(Detritus) #5

It´s really good, but what´s that wrinkle under the throat-area? retty bear, otherwise!

(Atariman) #6

The wrinkle is supposed to be loose skin, like a roll of fat or something.