Cartoon Biped Cat

I am aware these renders are crap and I completely fail at lighting.

Please, any critiques at all on the model. It has been provided for your viewing pleasure.

I was aiming for a nice balance between realism and cartoony (mostly cartoony).

It needs a lot of work:
2.Fur would be nice
3.Even If it is a cartoon, cat faces DON’T look like that
4.Ears are WAY to wide

  1. Next on my list. I just hatehatehate Blender’s vertex group system.
  2. I’m a bit iffy on fur, it’s not big on my list. All my attempts come out horribly. I may try it once I’m finished everything else.
  3. No, of course not :stuck_out_tongue: That’s just the design. It’s supposed to give the immediate impression of cat. However, if you have any ideas on how to perhaps make it look a bit more cat-like, I’d consider them.
  4. Which way, X or Y?

Ears are still too tall and deep :mad:
Head could be wider
Missing nose
Back of head could do with more of a curve


FuzzMaster, don’t give up, keep on tweaking, you live and learn, eventually you develop you’re own style.

Don’t worry if it takes you a few more weeks, no rush, slowly add more detail. Then aramture and finally animation. Even the guys at Pixar are only able to produce 1 film a year. Quality beats quantity.:slight_smile:

Pixar are only able to produce 1 film a year

It’s more like 1 film every 3 years.


Fuzz master, don’t listen to anyone who tells you it doesn’t look like a cat.
Its stylised thats the point guys:rolleyes:

Shortened ears, added color, made some minor tweaks, added toenail claw things.

Critique please.

Nice. :cool:

The ears are too wide on the Y axis.

I likethe lighting you’ve got. Nice cartoon syle. Try posing it and adding wiskers.

My only comment would be to pull out his face a bit more, it looks a bit flat, and kinda throws the model of balance.