Cartoon Character Head

Hey Community

I’m playing around with a kinda Generic Cartoon Character Design, and was looking for some critique from another pair of eyes, before i go ahead and rig him.

oh I’ve not modeled the eyes or hair yet.

thanks alot


Here’s the little fellow with some hair and some eyes. I will be modelling the teeth and sorting out the ears next.

Ive put a basic jaw rig in there so i can see how the mouth deforms and to get ready for the teeth placement.

Keep the critique coming haha!

Decent model. You have good topology, the proportions are ok. The top of his head is a bit too squared off, but that will mostly be hidden by hair, so it won’t matter unless you use particle hair. He will need eyelids along with the teeth and tongue. I wouldn’t spend much more time on the ears.

Couple of different ways to go with the eyelids. Some people model them closed, then open them with the rig, as you did with the mouth. Others use a separate eyelid object which rotates back inside the head to open the eye. In either case you’ll need some more geometry.