Cartoon character - Male

Been working on this for a while, but im not sure how its turning out, may need to go back and work the comp out.
C&C always welcome.



This reminds me of the character Dr Nefario from Despicable me.

Except that your model has a bit more aura of mystery with the glasses.

What you come as a progression should be interesting.

I can see what you mean about him looking like Dr nefario. I’m actually doing a revision on the overall design, I like the characters facial proportions but i don’t like the overall look and feel. Posting more soon.

MY current update on my character so far, C&C always appreciated :slight_smile:

new lighting and over all atmosphere.

Tried a new lighting, may have to rethink it thou. Thoughts?

Cool idea and love his glasses. :slight_smile: If I have to be completely honest, I think the lighting with SSS effect on the ears is the best. It’s a bit dark so if you can brighten it up a bit and it’d be a solid piece. Mostly because it reveals a nice depth that I feel got lost in the last one - you can also re-position the light to get the depth back - it would work too I think. That’s just my thought. :slight_smile:

Hello, sorry for the late reply. I do love the SSS on the ears and the overall look.(darker image)
i’ll try brightening it up and do some more compositing :slight_smile: .

Thank you for the feedback.

this a cool design! I prefer the second composition. I would add more colour to the lips, cheeks and nose, and a bit of spec on the lips, nose and brow and he will really pop!

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll start to play around with that stuff now. and i think i will be going with the second comp. :slight_smile:

No problem. :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to the next result.

how about some eyebrows?

I love the overall shape of the character and his design. Your color choice flows well, also. However, it looks a little odd seeing a fraction of his left eyeball (stage right). The second picture rectified this, as the dark color implied the glasses were intended to be opaque. The reflections, however, look strange. I’m not entirely sure how else to put it. Perhaps consider either a reflection map to reflect something more cogent to the character’s surroundings, or reposition/add lighting shaped like lightsources that would be found in his environment.

You know, i was just looking at a quick render, and i was like. MMmm, somethings off. I just don’t know what XD. then i went on a break and i saw this comment. I cant believe i had forgotten his eyebrows xD

Thank you so much for pointing that out :smiley:

Did some more to the comp. and added in brows, thank you Mr Campbell for the heads up :D.
Going to post lighting tomorrow, going to take a render over night.