Cartoon Character Modeling

Hi everyone, this model is for a short movie and these are the blueprints that they gave me for modeling and rigging, i would like some suggestion for improving it.

Does it need more faces? loopcuts? what else??

Looks like a good start. I can’t really see the topology of the face, but if it were my model I would try to add some loops that support the shape a bit more, but it looks like a solid model already :slight_smile: (btw I found it easier to keep the facecount as low as possible, so usually when I don’t need additional detail I wont add additional faces )

Thanks for the advise, i will increase the edge loops around the face son i will post the improvements.

I like the shape even if the loops arnt right keep it up!

The head in your reference image looks just a tiny bit wider. Maybe its just me. Really cool project though, can’t wait to see more!

Thanks, the character desing is for the character designer from the shorfilm and i have to trick it a little the reference because almost never are precise. Now i leave the improvement in the face.

Edge flow looks really good, it should deform pretty well for you. The only thing that you might have problem achieving (not sure if you even wanted to) will be with expressions with the brow and perhaps eye blinking, but this also depends on how expressive you intend to be. Specifically check out the BBB character files (squirrel for example I think is a good one), tab into the mesh and you’ll see. I think they’re good exampled because most all their acting was expressions and they did so very well.

Realize, this isn’t a criticism on your mesh (because you mesh is good and clean), it’s just me trying to help you achieve whatever level it is that you are looking to achieve. I think you already have a pretty sweet character on your hands, he’s going to be very cool to be seen brought to life!

Thanks so much for the helping right now i´m studying the file that you post it her, soon will be more pictures.

after some couples days working on it, the short film team change their minds and they´re redesigning the character. then i should wait until they take a decision. But i´m be back jojojo