Cartoon Character

Here’s a cartoon character I’m working on. He’s my first attempt at a cartoon figure so I really could use some critisim here.


coming along coming along …the area between his face and ears look funny…try smoothing that part out

it looks like the shoe and ankle section could be a little smoother.

the temples of the head need to be smoother.

the small section between the nose and mouth needs to be bigger. Try raising the bottom of the nose slightly.

finally, and perhaps the most important, if you’re going for a truly cartoon look, I would suggest a different method of shading. I’ve seen a good tutorial around somewhere.

Good Job. Keep It Up.

Ok, here’s an update fixing the temples. I messed with the feet a bit, but I think they’re either staying as they are or getting shoes. Any change I made didn’t seem to impact how they looked.


Nice start :slight_smile:

herm… is it a game? I should find the differences between the two images? Looks identical to me.

Difficult to comment, if it’s not updated, but the legs look too ‘square’ and uniform in section.