Cartoon claw?

Hello there.
Just wondering, how would I go about modeling a cartoon hand/claw for a hamster? Just like a thumb thing and three fingers.

Ok I made you a little example.

It’s simple, just download a refrence image if you don’t know what a cartoony hand looks like. Then press 7 to go to bird view. Now make a plane, follow the shape of the hand. When you are finished select all verticles and extrude it so the hand gets thicker. Now add a subsurf effect and form the hand. And voila there is your hand. Now you can give it some colour and give it some bones.

Here is the blend file, it’s rigged and ready to be used. Have fun and check it out:

Ok, but my character already has subsurf. How would I join two objects?

I would recommend you to extrude your arm and turn it into a similiar hand. But if you wanna use mine, you can just select two verticles then press alt + m and you click merge either at first center or last.

To join two separate meshes, shift-select them in object mode (and especially for several objects, the one they join to should be selected last) then use CTRL+J.

Ok thanks. I thinkg it looks pretty good. Especially for one of my first models.
And it’s only like 700 faces.