Cartoon Compass 3D - My Android App with 3D models made entirely with Blender

Hello, I want to show you my new Android App, made entirely with Blender, Gimp, Audacity and Unity3D (Free version):

A Cartoon Compass 3D where you can unlock 3D models and Textures to personalize it.

A little 3D Cartoon character is on the needle and he is pointing to the Magnetic North. You can unlock new characters and new textures for the compass to personalize it.

A Dolphin, a small Ghost, a Worm, a Mushroom, a Daisy,…and more characters coming soon!.

A 3D Cartoon look, it is fun to see the characters pointing you the Magnetic North over the needle in real time!.

*Your device must have a MAGNETIC SENSOR inside to read earth magnetic field. If your device does not have a magnetic sensor, Cartoon Compass 3D or any other compass app will not work.

*The compass depends entirely on the quality of your device sensors. If not accurate, please check that is not interfering a magnetic field or metal objects.

*To calibrate the Magnetic Sensor, move your device in a “8” shape.