Cartoon Crab

Cartoon Crab


Haha, cute AND lethal :smiley:

I like it, must say you’ve done a better job at underwater plants than when I tried. Some weird but interesting shapes there.

Thanks for comments formy underwater. Watch the Scene here ( just now without crabs )

A little walk cycle test for the crab

Nicely done :smiley:

Don’t crabs normally move from side to side? Although it is a cartoon, so I don’t suppose it really matters :wink:

Thanks for comments. Some changes

Some changes in the Leg Positions and Facial Animation

i don’t know why it’s so happy but it did make me laugh.

Wow. I just love it. Very cute. A lot of expression. Smooth animation. Very happy indeed LOL

Thanks for comments. See 2 different Walk Cycle Styles

I think there are some problems on the lighting effect.You can make it better with more improvements!

I think you should reconsider having the crabs walking sideways as in real life. It is more educational and more characteristic.

Some more developments. Cartoon Crab in side deep water.

nice animation, hahaha…

Thanks for comments. some more background added

Some changes in the Legs and now the movement is more better

Camera Movement changed. Added some Backgrounds. Please watch in HD

nice work! I love it.

Thanks for comments.

Made me smile at the first image and then again at every animation…

I liked the bigger walk cycle out of the two. I’d like to side a side scuttle though, could be funny!

Great vegetation too!