Cartoon Dog WIP

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Slowly recovering from the disappointment that Noone had commented my last post I ask for opinions on this one. Modeling is considered complete, now I start to texture and then animate the bugger. (alt+p)

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If the link doesn’t work start here:

(pofo) #2

Man that’s an ugly dog :o
Not the modelling though, that rocks. It’s just that you’ve modelled an ugly dog really well :smiley:
Only thing I can think of that looks a little strange is that the tail seems to be a bit too far down. //edit: on second thought, maybe not

  1. pofo

(sten) #3

great dog, I love it !!

(SGT Squeaks) #4

i like it, but there is something wrong with the front legs. Expecially in the bottom right pic.

(kaktuswasse) #5

cool modelling job,man.
Like it very much. You got this typical cartoon-style :slight_smile:

cya henrik

(bob_dog) #6

I think that the front shoulders are a bit too big. Otherwise, a great model!

(Atariman) #7

Nice work. Do you plan to animate the dog?

(LohnS) #8

hey thats really cool, you must make an animation with him, it rocks!

(Da Bourz) #9

Very nice !! What modelisation technics did you used for that dog ?

([email protected]) #10

Thanks for the comments folks, now I am trying to animate it. This is the part where I struggle the most, hopefully I can finally understand how IKA constraints work… And then I’ll need RVK’s: another nightmare for me.

You’re all probably right about the frontlegs, shoulders, and the tail. It depends how it looks when its deformed. The tail is definately too low, it looks as if its sticking out of the a…

(rndrdbrian) #11

Nice doggie!

He could perhaps do with animated drool from his mouth, and a large wet pink tounge! :stuck_out_tongue:

OOOh, and perhaps also large bo**o*s? Would be funny having those animated!


(Hexa-dB) #12

That’s really cool, but the big pic in the background is scary - I thin it’s the big empty eyes :o :wink:

([email protected]) #13

After some model corrections (I tried to make it less ugly, it was not the idea of the project) , rigging, texturing and very simple staging here is what the doggie looks now. More to come… (DivX) 106k

Mediaplayer 7.0 and Divx can play that. 113k


(paradox) #14

Looking really nice. Like the barking animation. was the flicker on the ground effect intentional? I don’t have a problem with it looks cool but if it was not intentional I ran into a similar problem once using noise during an animation. Each noise frame is different which causes a weird flicker. The solution is to use something else or locate the plug in that doesn’t change frame by frame.
Your dog is looking even better.


(blengine) #15

haha thats a great dog! i love your model and great aniamtions too, tail in the model picture somewhat resembles a backwards boner, lol, but with the texturing it looks real good :stuck_out_tongue:

(Da Bourz) #16

Very nice !! Congratulations, you doggy will be very fun !! I’m waiting for the rest !! :wink:

(kaktuswasse) #17

yeah,great work!!