Cartoon Dump Truck WIP

Alright, here we go. This is the first time I’m posting a WIP ever. It’s a clay render of a cartoon dump truck that I’ve modeled. I’m going to use it in my upcoming game.

I’m actually pretty proud of this model, because it turned out pretty much as I wanted it. But remark that I’m in no way an experienced modeler (unfortunatelly ;)), and you can probably see that in the details of this model.

Now going to try and get some paint on there and hope I don’t end up with a ‘plastic’ look…


I like the design, when you finish the details this is going to be great…

yeah…this looks pretty :slight_smile:

can you please show me a wireframe specifically of the wheels?

Here’s the wireframe of the wheels.


very nice… how many polys is the whole model?

Great start, looking forward to see the textures…
Well done !

In total it’s got 7500 faces. Anyway, here’s the final version. I’m actually pretty pleased with the result, probably beginners luck ;).