cartoon effects

in blender 2.5 how do you put the black lines around of a model for render to make it look cartoon. i know how to do it in 2.49b but i cant seem to figure out how in 2.5

You can enable and configure the edges in the render tab and in the post processing panel.

One question about the ersatz “cel-shading” in Blender–I believe it’s “all or nothing”–you can’t have one object with cel-shading and one without, right?

I use the freestyle branch to have more control over the edges.

Aluminumfalcone : you can get this by rendering several layers, and by using composite nodes.

Sliv: Thanx. I’ll give it a try. That question came about after seeing a BlenderCookie tutorial on it.

i just posted a thread asking the same exact thing :stuck_out_tongue: but how do you get it to work in bge?

ah there it is… awesome thanks everyone