Cartoon elephant

This is the head of one of a few characters I am working on for animation.

I’ve been modeling slower than I would have liked so despite my pride telling me to only pin up finished stuff, I’m putting it here because I think some of your feedback (and he panic of knowing my work is being looked at) might put me back on track with my deadlines.

Animation = topology nightmares. All quads etc essential. :spin:

Any feedback, suggestions for improvements appreciated.

I’m sure even God had to get out his calculator to see if he really could build something that big that would also last and not break down after a few million years (he learned his lesson after the dinosaurs). So, take heart, and keep extruding. He needs a longer trunk - that one looks like a stretched cut-off thing.

Thanks Papasmurf.

While you wrote, I fixed up a minor issue in the edgelooping with ear fighting forehead for topology flow. Not that big a change but I think a lot better as far as animation goes, or if wanting to add loops later on.

…so a minor update:

The trunk thing (length) was certainly a puzzle from the start. I originally played with length in early concept sketches, but then I decided that the long trunks make it look adult, whereas short trunk makes it look more cute, in a womble kind of way. I’m wanting this wee fella to steal food from a fridge at midnight.

Here are some of those concept experiments to compare:

Do you think the trunk also looks odd because it’s currently straight? I’m hoping it will look better once it’s rigged and I can curve it ands make it flap around.

Thanks again for your feedback. I will need to play with such variables no doubt. Think I might make the body (unless I work on parts to another character) to get an overall impression of size and cuteness.

Those sketches look great! :^)

The trunk on the model looks a bit strange. The ridge seems to be sharp, not rounded as in the sketches.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Sharp ridge caused by not yet gluing both sides together (mirrored), although you are right, it looks like the curvature will need some fine touching up.

Currently working on the body. Difficult to get right size for fine line between cute / detailed and plain ugly.

Have you tried the “Do clipping” option in the mirror modifier? Use it and move the mesh so it just meets its mirrored counterpart and they should fuse as if they were glued. If you want to break them apart again, deselect the clipping option.

Cool! Thanks. :eyebrowlift: Hadn’t tried that.
Afterthought: that teems to work more by changing “merge limit” than by the clipping button, which doesn’t seem to toggle it as I would expect. Neat tool though… my models are often a bit squashed or flattened against the join axis because it’s hard to gage the curves right without seeing them.

Update. Thanks for your help thus far everyone.

Looking nice, keep the good work.

Thanks. Heading into my day off now, so I’ll rest for a day and I’m also needing to focus on other figures needed for he animations I want to do. Feedback here has been a lot of help though. Really changes the dynamic when not working in isolation.