Cartoon Eye Rig

A relatively advanced cartoon eye rig :

thanks for watching :wink:


Great! Thanks for showing.

That’s very cool !
Is it a rig, a lattice modifier or shape keys ? Sorry for the noob question, i’m just beginning !

Thanks AnnaO/Key and Dimy !
Well, it’s a combination of all that and more^^.
A classical rig with bones (with action constraints), few shape keys (the eyelid crease and dilation of the iris) , a Mesh Deform for the bulging eye, a Warp modifier for the deformation lid by the eye-ball, and a lattice all around the objects for a more complete deformation.
Roughly speaking ^^

Nice rig, but if you just wanted to show it off you should probably post it in the artwork forums instead.

Thank you, i’ll take a look at all of this :slight_smile:

yes you’re right, I don’t need support for this work, I’ll be careful next time !
(I don’t know if a moderator can move the topic to avoid duplication…)

any chance you could share the file or something like that to learn from it?

Hi Looch,
I found a Japanese guy (you can use google trad) who had fun looking for how I could do it. It’s not far from the truth! Just add a few shape keys for the eyelid folds and it’ll be fine :wink:

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funny ten minutes after i wrote you i found that ! haha :smiley:

Cool :slight_smile:
In any case, I’m very honoured that people are interested in my work from England to Japan !

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How would you attach this kind of eye to an actual character model, without completely wrecking the rest of the face?

Also, will it be available for download sometime in the future? If so, do you have an ETA at all? Will it be a free download, or how much will you charge for it?