Cartoon Eyeball tutorial posted

I finished part one of the Cartoon eyeball tutorial for Blender Creator. It is an adaptation of the tutorial for 3d Max at

you can find the tutorial at follow the link to Training, Tutorials and Tips.

Blenderchar webmaster has permission to copy and post on BlenderChar site.

If you have any feedback, fixes, error reports, please post reply to this topic or email me at [email protected]


Very nice tutorial mthoenes!

I’m looking forward to the section on rigging for animation!

One thing though, rather than applying a bitmap to the eye texture, make use of multiple materials, and assign a black coloured material to the faces on the sphere which make up the pupil. This will render much sharper.


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Hey! Great tutorial!
This goes well with Grandmaster Lyubomir Kovachev’s eyeball tutorial! (

Thanks for the feedback, I will see if I can add a section for doing a multiple material mesh instead of the texture decal. Nice to have both options. I find that with the texured pupil I can easily animate the size of the texture without concern for distortion to the mesh. I am looking forward to building a set of Lyubomir’s “Pixar” eyes.


It just occured to me that I should make the pupil a separate object directly in front of the eye so I can set the resolution of faces and subsurfacing and material settings independently. Thanks for the inspiration.

If anyone here has seen the VeggieTales animations from, I believ this is how they do thier eyes.

I just put this up on BlenderChar at

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Yay this is just what I was after too, great stuff - remenber that scene in Bladerunner with the Bio-engineer “…I only make eyes! I only make eyes-Arrghh”

OK, excellent work! My only comment is to add a comment that gives credit to the original tutorial. A small text in the beginning of the tutorial like this:

This is an adaptation of Michael Comet’s tutorial for 3d Max:

Good Point Lyubomir,

I will add the comment to the introduction.
By the way, I have been checking out your work at 10-Second, site… Very nice. It is inspiring to see what can be done with Blender.



Thanks for the tutorial. :smiley:

When I change the camera position the iris image texture becomes missaligned. How do I prevent this? I have tried playing around with different settings for many hours, but have not found the solution yet.



Regarding the image texture being misaligned. I am not sure what is causing the problem and how a different camera angle would effect that. If you would like to email your file to me, i will take alook at and see if I cn duplicte the problem. Sorry for my slow repy, I have been swamped at work.

Pack the file using the pack data command under the tools menu before emailing.


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