Cartoon Eyes: just dots on the face.

I’m trying to mimic cartoon eyes - not the kind that are so wonderfully demonstrated in a tutorial here on the site, but the kind that are just dots on a head. I thought I had the solution, but lo, I am wrong… there are tracking issues, and trying to keep the pupils on the correct side of the face, etc.

Attaching my latest blend of the character. I initially thought of making each eye as big as the head itself, somehow making most ot the eye transparent except for just the pupils… oh I don’t know where i’m going with this.

Here’s the blend file and a jpeg so you can see the eyes i’m going for. Is this overly complicated? Is there a sneaky workaround?

As always, thanks peeps.


another way to set this up is use ‘decal’ textures for eyes. The down side is that you lose all depth for the eye. But you can animate them with an empty and also make sure they will stick to the face at all times. Just a suggestion, i havn’t tried it myself, but it SHOULD work :smiley:

the way i did it was to create the eyes as a black circle and apply a bone to each one and move those and use the ipos on the bones rather then on the objects

bingo - I think that’s what I’m looking for - bones and circles I mean. Thanks!!