Cartoon Eyes

I was requested try make some toonish styled eyes. Well for size eyes that were wanted with shape of the head, the eyeballs were going end up going out the sides of the skull. If was going just be a still model, I could just reshape the eyball to match head. But, I need be able to make eyes look back and forth. Any good sugstions on how to do this? Thought i saw something similar to this while back, but can’t seem find the tut with it.

that’s done using tracking. add a couple empties, place them right in front of the eyes, and use the same procedure you would for parenting, but instead press ctrl T ( make track ). use one for each eye, or it will look crosseyed.
(edit) then just animate the position of the empties, placing them in the direction of whatever is being looked at.

Ok, that works fine and dandy on a sphere shaped eye, but what about one that’s realy oddly shaped, like more egg like and not have it slide out the head while turning?

parent the rigs main BONE to it, so when you moe position, it moves with you… or maybe head bone, so they rotate with the eyes

Aaahhh, I finaly found what was looking for. It was a Lattice I was thinkin of that could make the eyes warp odd shapes and still animate rotating and such