Cartoon Flight simulator

Little wip of my last work

From a design by Olivier, a friend of mine.

Internal render

not finished yet :slight_smile:

it definently looks cartoony enough, i like it.

ahhhh wicked style! =D

Keep workin on her! I wanna ride it :wink:

(nice colour scheme btw)

Great style on this.

Nice to see you back here agin too. :smiley:


That is awesome! It’s always great to see an idea constructed that well! For me, it is harder to make a good cartoon than it is to model something real. (Not that I’m that good at either)

There seems to be something strange going on with the mesh near the air vent. It looks like either too many little triangles, or it is not aligned with the side properly.

Love it!

It would be cool to see it canted forward a little, and to the side. It would look a little like it was haphazardly left that way after usage, and give a better look at the seat. Seat?

Do you have a seat???

That’s really cool,

very Miyazaki - ish

I think he gave it more of a cockpit and less of a seat. lol.

Very good, I like how the color and the overall style fit really well together.

Wow I love the style also, its very retro toy looking

Wow! Nice. Not just the modelling but the idea and the style.

I’d like an animation. We see a little cartoon guy/thing close-up (with goggles?) and having the bumpiest ride of his life.

Clearly he is petrified and losing control of his old jet. Slowly the nose begins to drop and he leans back, screaming in terror as the vehicle coughs and jerks underneath him - then suddenly, he stops. His face is still filled with horror as he begins to relaise he didn’t die - then we zoom out and see that he was in the simulator all along. He hops out a nervous wreck and stumbles away.

not far from the end…

Truly brilliant work garbager.

Are you planning on using the toon shader material, or leave it as is? A toon render would maybe be worth a look at any rate.


well, my concern with toon shading is about the edge drawing which is, in my opinion, very poor in Blender. It just doesn’t allow to control precisely the outline.or at least that is my conclusion. If anyone has a trick, I would be glad to give a try to the toon style.

am i the only one who just think “incredible machines” by looking at that thing?!

Great concept! looks awesome

I really like it!!!

This is actually my first “post.” Ever. Anywhere.
I was wondering if you could post some wireframe renders, or maybe even do a tutorial with this sort of theme: a cartoon vehicle, or something.

Great work!!! :wink:

:o thats awsome!!! simply fantastic!

I had this sitting on my second systems screen for two days, because I wasn’t using it and I just didn’t feel like touching it. Then suddenly I realized what was bothering me. It’s small I know, and I certainly am not trying to dissuade what I consider to be brilliant work. It’s just that the lighting is different from top to bottom. It’s as if there is a light hitting the plane fusilage and not the base. The shadow is falling backwards so that doesn’t make sense. There should be a spot of spectral energy on the base the same as the top.

I know it’s nitpicky, but I’m working on a project right now that needs it, and I just couldn’t help but say something. Please forgive me.

fmkguy: You better can think up a model by you self

Nice Simulator

Maybe attach a mirror ffct on the body(not the birds body)

i love this style
really, really cool :wink:
can’t wait to see more

Just an idea:

  1. Use “Toon” shader just on the specularity.
  2. Lower the hardness the zero.
  3. Turn on Full OSA.

This might give the simulator machine a kind of painted metal look. I used this method on a toy soldier I was making recently and it looked good.

I also agree with geckoee about the airvent.

Great modelling! I really like the style and concept. :slight_smile: