Cartoon Girl

I have been working on this model for a while.
Cycles render.

Thanks Mike for the sunglasses.
And Bendansie I used the hair from your Sintel model.

Back ground image added.

Hey Joe,

Glad to see another BC’er blending away! :yes:

It looks pretty good so far, I think some of the proportions could be smoothed out a bit, could you post a wire frame? Maybe also work a bit on the weighting of the elbow joint. The pic with her grabbing her glasses shows the elbow deformation to be a bit off. You can also use shape keys to help the deformation look more natural.

Other than that, good work so far and keep it up!

Looking nice - I enjoy doing “traditional” type of output with blender - glad to know that there is still some out there who go for “cartoon” still…

Thanks Bapsis, I tried to get the shape key to work on deformations. I keep getting errors. Will have to do more study on them.

Thanks kbot.

I got this mountain bike from blendswap. Thanks Racingfoli.
The background is from burning man 2011.