cartoon girl

the old version
a new version

looks pretty solid. can’t see much to critique.

looks pretty solid. can’t see much to critique.

man it has a lot of mistakes, i don’t like it, please give me advice

i think the pose is wrong, and the face is surprised, and and, but i need specific tips to make it better, thanks.

Can you give us some context? What are you trying to achieve here?

short animated clips.

If you really want to I can enter super nitpick mode.

  • The specularity on the hair makes it look kind of plasticy. You could either go for an anime style hard specularity or remove it completely. You could also try cycles hair, could look good.
  • I would personally lengthen her legs and shorten the torso, but this is a personal preference I guess.
  • The thing in the ear could look more shiny and reflective.
  • The shoes don’t seem to have a rim so they look molded to the feet, the opening at the top could be a bit bigger (and thicker).
  • The shadows on the model are gray which doesn’t look that appealing, you could have them slightly red or blue or something.
  • The eyes could have a stronger specularity so the character looks more alive.
  • The skirt could be a bit more folded/wrinkled at the bottom.
  • The clothes and the hairband could be brighter overall. Just a bit though.
  • The character is standing on a gray pedestal thing in space. If you want to animate it you should put it in a plausible environment.

thanks mate, this what i needed, i will continue soon.

the hands could be turned in a little more. i think it would look more natural.

10 minutes of face and shoulders fix

i will go by the other notes soon and work on the face even more hehe.

15 minutes of work
will fix the head and the shoes lol.

So far it looks pretty good overall. My biggest issue is the legs and feet. If i cover them up, it looks a lot better. The rest of her, you have good, clearly defined forms. However the feet are very blobby and there’s no clear distinction between the left foot and right foot. The legs have the same problems, there’s not enough definition and they don’t appear to be distinctively left or right. Lastly before I go, the creases on the sides of the bridge of her nose bug me. They seem out of place given the overall smoothness on the rest of the character.

I feel like the fingers are too detailed for the cartoonish look your going for. I would suggest making them a little more rounded out.