cartoon guy

Hello. I have a freelance to do that is to model, render and animate the following concept that the client gave me

The character would be a public employee. In a very rare situation, I will have a good time to do this, but also it will be a very big animation (about 20 minutes). So I would really like to do the best I can. That is why I came here for critiques. The model is still in a very early stage of modeling and shading. For now I just followed the concept directly. Though I am in the beginning, I am stuck because of the troubled concept. I can not change it very much, but I must somehow make it good.
Here is him:

I will change him a lot, but I think it is better to get critiques at this stage so I don’t spend too much time doing something and then someone shows me a much better path that will require me to redo everything.

Be as hard as you want. Just try to help me make it better.

Now that I see, I posted it in the wrong session. This should be in the wip session.
Can someone move it?

He looks pretty nice already. The hair lacks some volume from the front view, otherwise it is good.

nice but…4 fingers?

Thanks for the answers. The hair is looking like a cap, and maybe this lack of volume is to blame. I will change it.

The 4 fingers was the clients idea. But it really looks awful. I will give him 5 fingers despite the concept.

eheh, yeah, 5 fingers would be better! :smiley:

Great job. It looks like the model given. I would pop up the hair (Front View) as it is now looks like a Cap !

I would add the 5th finger. Also for the nature of the character I would add more details to his hands. Front the side view it does not look quite right. The rest I would leave it as it. May be a bit bigger eyes? The model has bigger eyes.:eek::eek::eek::eek:

Great Job, keep us posted with the animation !

I can see that the model has black eyes but… that makes him hard to relate to. Could you change his eyes so that they have some white in them?
I changed the hand, eyes, tried a little with the hair with no success. But mainly because the arm took me the whole morning. I am so slow with this…

At least he has 5 fingers now. But still does not looks right. The hair I will eventually find a sollution

The eyes I gave it depth and specularity now. It is still far from decent. I do not know how I can make those eyes work being just black spots.

The only real thing I see right now is in the concept sketch there was alot of forehead between the eyebrows and the hairline that your model doesn’t have… move the eyebrows down a bit, or hair line up a bit, maybe?

Other than that, it’s a great looking model and you’ve taken care of the stuff that needed fixing (four fingers…?:confused:)

Care to post a wire frame?? I’m liking it, it’s a good model!


hehe straight out of “Leave it to Beaver”. :slight_smile: nice job. the only thing I am going to suggest, is to use a bit of SSS on his skin.

Hands look much better now, besides his 5th finger they also have more details. What Revolt-Randy said is true: No much forehead on your model in comparison.

Loopduplicate suggested different eyes, well I would agree that it needs some sort of white and black at least. However to my taste it could work just black ( if customer requires it ) but on a flat shape, not as a sphere.

The model looks cool !

the model looks great!

I suggest keeping your model exactly like the client wants it or you might have some problems.

A general rule of making cartoon characters is 3 to 4 fingers makes a cartoon. Theres a couple of animating books that goes over these concepts. 5 fingers seems to make it less of a cartoon and more of an attempt at realism.

If a client specifically mentioned four fingers then I suggest keeping it at four fingers. you should always do exactly what the client tells you as the client is always right. dont let your artistic self get in the way of your business.

As for the eyes, keep it just like the client wants it. keep them all black and you wont have to worry about animating the eyeball as it is all black.

here is another version with suggestions from here and a feedback from the client

the wireframe, as asked. but I do not know how to render correctly the wireframe in blender

The forehead, I will change it to see if it works. The client saw and said nothing about that. But I am still trying to make this hair work.

it has sss now. I am not sure if I really liked the result but I think it may work with some more tweaking

I have no idea how to make this eyes work. He also asked not to create a 2d texture like pocoyo. So… I still have to figure out how to make it work. I also prefer it flat. For now it is a sphere.

I have some familiarity with the client. So I have a little flexibility in that. But not in everything. I agree this eyes are easier to animate, but this a very big project and I would really like it to be good. But… it will be a black… thing. I just have to figure out how to do this black thing in a decent fashion.

The 5 fingers are flexible. I did another job for him before with 4 fingers.
That is also his concept. That time 4 fingers worked because it was more cartoony. This time he wants him more realistic.

I will change the forehead to try to make the hair work best. I am still very open to suggestion. Specially with the mouth, the eyes and the hair, that are simply awful right now for me.

This would be great in a more stacatto, clay-animation-like short.

That is actually a great idea! Could you tell me more about this “stacatto” though?
But clay like render might be very good. I will make a test and talk about with the client

Looking good! I think maybe if you just shorten the eyebrows…move the vertices on the top down, it will give you more forehead space and look better. My eyebrows aren’t that thick.

A note about the eyes, I like the shape you have to the face around the eyes. I think it works. I do like the black eyes, as long as in animation the character blinks it’s eyes alot, it might look nice. And it’s one less thing to pose while animating…

Thanks for the wireframe. Looking at it, you might have some problems when rigging with shoulder and hip deformations. But at this stage, I wouldn’t worry about it…

Can’t wait to see the next post!

Good? Bad?
I just changed the render and material. No mesh change so far.

Blinking makes miracles. It is the only think I can think for the eyes so far. But if this clay look gets approved, I guess I could play/morph the eyes a lot.

The eyebrows are very big in the concept. But I will try making it smaller. Now I will try to fix many things in the mesh.

The loops in the shoulder and everywhere are just temprorary. I will add more when rigging. But a good thing about the sleeve is that the arm will be able to rotate freely without shoulder distortion.

edit; I changed the bump to be smoother