Cartoon hair in GE


First, how do you like the smyle of my characters for my rpg game? :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, I suck at drawing… But whatever… my question: (A)

It’s especially about the first guy’s hair. How can I make this for the game engine with as few as possible particles.

I usually use particle system… and then hair… but that doesn’t work in GE… as far as I know… and I think it’s not a real nice methon for this hair… the emo face can’t be made this way… But that also could be because I’m a newb…

Any tuts, ideas… etc?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Oh, the game is in Cartoon style… :wink:

well hair and fur does’nt work in ge. well since ur characters hair are simple so u can just model them and a hair texture to them. try searching around for images of orion tear the hairs of one character of that movie is similar to hairs of ur character.

The modeling is the thing how don’t know how to do. Don’t need any textures.