Cartoon Head W.I.P.

This is a sculpt I put together for practice purposes. The stylization was partially inspired by the artist Loish. Keep in mind none of these camera angles are final they are simply for testing how the model looks from different angles and generating ideas.

Any Comments or Critiques welcome.


Here’s the current screen capture.


Looks really good, keep going. :slight_smile:

Thanks! Actually, I really like the first angle so I think that’s the one I’m going with. Which means I need to refine the ear.

Image update: better ears, eyelashes, and some lighting changes.
As always let me know what you guys think.


I feel like I need to do something with the background, but I don’t know what. Hmmm

Image Update: Eyebrows, slight adjustment to hair ambient occlusion, and exposure adjustment


It is looking great. One thing that looks a tad odd is the eye.

Have you considered doing a bake and adding the texture to just the outer sphere?

I have, but the eye isn’t just a texture. It is constructed more like an actual eye, so the cornea and Iris are separate parts. I could just redo the eyes, but I kind of like this pair. I’ll leave those until last to see if it’s really necessary. Thanks for the feedback!

Image update: Higher res, Clean up, and slight edge glare.


As of now this is a final candidate as this was supposed to be a faster image, really just a sculpt presentation. Does anything stand out as an issue? Do you guys really think it’s necessary to go back and redo the eyes?

Can you post the reference you got? I see some things that can be improved but id like to see the reference first to stay relevant :slight_smile:

This sculpt actually didn’t have any references. It is entirely from my imagination. :slight_smile:

Image Update: Fixed issue with the hair