Cartoon Head WIP
Generic starter head

This is my first attempt in doing a cartoon head, for animation. I’'ll update the progress here.

My goal is to achieve a ‘plastic’ look but not too much. Like Toy Story, or Jimmy Neutron.

Of course, the picture here shows the very beginnings of making a generic face with EdgeLoops. I have been using all squares (no triangles), because the edgeloops seem to work better. What appears to be triangles in the picture are actually squares. Ignore the “camera” on the cheek. I forgot to remove that.

Jimmy Neutron’s eye
I plan on making eyeballs (as in the PIXAR tut), but my concern is the eyelids. I’d like to make the eyelids smooth, without the harsh crease, in any position. Subsurfing may achieve this. I’ll find out soon enough. Maybe it will be like a collapsing roof on a convertable mustang. I want to use RELATIVE KEYS to do this. Maybe I can do a test sample of just the eye area for practice and place my results here , in a small video format.

The hair, I guess will be a different mesh parented to the head. I am not looking for REAL hair. A plastic hair-do will work. Like Jimmy Neutron’s characters. The girl’s hair in the movie “Final Fantasy-Spirit Within” looks great but too realistic for my current project, however I would like to see if Blender could do that some day.

Thanks to TorQ! For his edgeloop tutorial. You can make any face based on this…

Good start!

for hair…i’ve never done hair, but you could just model it like, um, ‘Dragon Ball Z’ those guy have more hair than a gorilla, but they’re just one object really, if thats what you’re going for.

not much to say right now though.

Good luck :slight_smile:

IMO you should model the hair as the same object and just apply a seperate material for it.

you could just make a blob and texture then put it on the head like jimmy neutron.