Cartoon Head


I have been learning to model for a few weeks now.

I have learnt all the modelling tools, however I lack creative skills.

I want to make a cartoonish looking head, such as this one:

Are there any tutorials, that will guide me to making something like this?


me also finiding for a chartoon head tutorial


Maybe even a small guide or some decent reference drawings, just to get me started?

Here are some good tutorials they are not for blender but if you know how to use blenders modeling tools it shouldnt be hard to follow. I would recomend the Joan of arc tutorial it is legend for beginers


Il give these a try

those look like good tutorials. I’ve heard of the Joan of Arc one before.

You can also try doing a search for Cartoon head on the forums and see what comes up. Some people may have images or blend files you can learn from.